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Planning software product development processes

Around the world, a huge number of project managers execute various software products. Most of these products do not always meet customer expectations in terms of budget, quality, and deadlines. Often a portion of all projects exceed cost and are behind schedule. Not to mention the poor quality of execution of these projects. The reason software products fail is due to poor project management. Poorly defined goals Poor planning Frequent change of technologies and tools Lack of management and product development methodology Insufficient qualification of developers To solve all these problems one should elaborate the management process of software product development: make a plan and work out a set of techniques aimed at a balanced development process which would cover the project management from the very beginning - from the moment of making a decision on creation of a project.

The whole process of creating a software product comes down to the area of management and development. The area of development includes the main processes: Design Programming Testing The management area includes the main processes: Planning Control of development activities Control of development deadlines. But in case of development of large commercial software products the whole plan must be clearly described, the process must be based on the set methods, the product must be thoroughly documented, all the tasks must be planned and monitored. Source: CLLAX - Business Resources