Let’s Save the Vine Community!

Coub will help you to save everything you created over at Vine. Not just your vines, but also your followers, likes and revines.

  • Move your Vines
  • Your Followers
  • Your Likes
  • Your Revines

This means we can help you save your entire audience, not just the content. Also, all your vines will be posted with the date that they were originally posted on Vine.

The more Vine users join, the more followers and likes you get back.

And more of the original community will be saved. Read more...

Let’s Go!

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Connect your Vine account via Twitter

Awesome! Your vines are on their way to Coub!

It’ll take a little while to move all your vines. They will appear on your channel shortly. Your likes and followers will come next. Now you’re free to download the app and keep making those loops.

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