Ban and Legal Restrictions

What's up with NSFW coubs?

Coubs can contain nudity or violence, as long as the content adds to its artistic value. Coubs containing adult content are marked NSFW. They're only viewable to users who have confirmed that they are over 18.

How about copyright?

Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act we have to take down a coub if the relevant copyright holder tells us he believes it is infringing on his rights.

How can I find the video a coub is made from?

The source video is listed beneath a coub on its individual page and embed if the source video is from Youtube/Vimeo, or if the creator is allowing other users to create more coubs from their video. The link to the original video generates traffic for it. Unlike a GIF, a coub has a link to the original content. We respect the original work. If a coub becomes popular, the source content will become popular too.

And what about the audio track?

We use an audio-recognition system which gives a link to the song on iTunes at the bottom-right of the coub (if the track is available there). You can also mouse over the music icon just below the coub and you’ll get the artist and track name.

Why do we ban coubs?

Some coubs may contain nudity or violent content for artistic purposes. That said, pornography and extreme violence are not tolerated. Also the copyright holder of your clip might inform us that he believes you're violating his rights.

In both cases, the coub is considered to be breaching the community guidelines and will be banned (meaning it's permanently set to private).

What is and why do we need it?

If a coub contains inappropriate or offensive material, or potentially violates a copyright, users can flag it for possible ban or NSFW designation.